The limit of language codes

David Starner prosfilaes at
Fri Feb 16 17:57:38 CET 2007

On 2/16/07, Gerard Meijssen <GerardM at> wrote:
> When you do not care why should we care for codes for  English of the
> Romantic era, the Elizabethan era. These people are dead !!

I'm not asking you to care; you can ignore every message on the
subject. I'm not even really asking Everson or the people working on
ISO 639-* to really care; I just want them to respect my needs for
language tagging. It's called people working together with different
needs on a project.

> I do object to your dismissing
> the needs that exist for relevancy in the implementation of standards. I
> think you do the work done a disservice.

A relevant standard doesn't have to serve the world. It's fine to do a
narrow job right.

> > Less tongue in check, this standard is a powerful tool being used by
> > many organizations. We've hardly failed if all this means is that
> > computer programmers and librarians have and use a standard set of
> > language tags.
> >
> I have my background in computing... Really many people in this field do not
> care at all about standards.

And yet, I think most of them care about standards far more than the
average person.

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