Proposal for a subtag registration (fr-2004-ORTOGRAF or fr-ortograf ?)

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Thu Dec 13 03:19:29 CET 2007

some questions:

"as I understand things (correct me if I am wrong):
You are behind the original ortograf initiative (Montreal, 2004).  M. Rougnon-Glasson is behind ortograf-Europe  (which is what he calls it; not ortograf; he refers to yours as ortograf-Quebec).  Would something like ortoqueb and ortoeuro be o.k.??
C'est vous qui soutien l'initiatif ortograf de Montreal; c'est M. Rougnon-Glasson qui soutien l'ortograf Europe. C'est ca que je comprend.  C'est vrai?"

Not really, I will try to make a short story: 
2 projects are born in Montreal:

1 - Around 2004, a group of scholars of Université de Montréal lead by Langevin develop l'Ortograf alternativ stictly to help impaired people. They pretend writes books and they make the Ortograf alternativ version of the Montreal's website, among many things.

2 - At roughly the same time, collaborators and I found the group Ortograf ( without knowing the Langevin's project. Our goal at this time was to propose a phonetic spelling the standardize the sloppy and chaotic spelling of the chat and cell phone. I come across the works of M. Langevin and was astonished by the similarities of our 2 projects. We made some change to our standard to merge with the one of Langevin. Then, we enrich our goal and vision, spreadind the Ortograf alternativ among population in general in order to make a bridge between impaired and "normal" population. We tried unsuccessfully to contact M. Langevin, I think he doesn't feel comfortable with the "universality" of the Ortograf alternativ. Today, many of our supporters goes beyond that and use and diffuse Ortograf alternativ as a day to day spelling.

Approximatly at the same time, (M. Rougnon-Glasson) found the third project ( an ortograf-like spelling with new characters to replace all 2(3) letter sounds. M. Rougnon-Glasson an us are at the end of process of merging our spelling rules with regular characters. We agree with the use of new characters when the technology is not an hindrance for that.

In clear, 3 independents 'ortograf' projects. The 3 projects have almost the same spelling wich tend to merge more yet. Each of the 3 projects have an international audience. They are not territorially divided.

"Ainsi, est-ce que vous aimez les subtags ortoqueb et ortoeuro, ou non?"

I am afraid chauvinist attitudes will arise with local tag like quebec or europe. We have more adepts in europe than in Quebec.

"(Alas I noted ortograf is the name of a popular computerized scrabble game  -- alas, so many sites came up with computerized scrabble when I typed in ortograf!!"
try to google "" or "ortograf alternativ".

"(My problem with such phonetic orthographies is that they do tend to obscure the grammar, for example, orthographe francaise makes it clear that both words are spelled as they are because francaise modifies orthographe and both get the same gender; however; using ortograf for ortographe hides this fact, why is it sometimes fransez and sometimes franse is no longer clear.  But your orthography is nevertheless really easy to read, very easy, so a good orthography in any case!   American English underwent a spelling reform with Webster.)"

We have answers for that but we could begin a large debate. Maybe here is not the place. Visit our forum:

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