Proposal for a subtag registration (fr-2004-ORTOGRAF or fr-ortograf ?) redone by CEW

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Hi, M. Periard, allThanks to Doug for noting that there are 2 orthographies; we don't want them confused. 
Thanks to Mario for clarifying the two orthographies:Mario Periard wrote:> "I know personnaly Louis Rougnon-Glasson and we are in contact regularly. Our project and his > project are not rival but complementary.> Don't be shy to ask him. He is very kind. We agree about the phonetic part of the standard. > suggest to write phonetically> with the current and actual keyboard. Louis Rougnon-Glasson suggest a new characters to > note sounds witch are currently represented by 2 or 3 letters. I agree on this point of view for > the future.> To keep things simple, our project can be seen as ortograf 1.0 and the Louis' project could > be ortograf 2.0.  I personally do not mind ortograf2 and ortograf1--if this is o.k. with Louis Rougnon-Glasson  (did one of these two orthographies influence the other?? that would be my criteria); however, there are too many characters forwe 8 characters is the maximum;  perhaps perigraf  ??or ortogrf1  (but I took out the a)  ?? Someone else brainstorm a possible subtag.However, someone can first write Louis Rognon-Glasson as Mario Periard hasa suggested, and have him verify also that version 1 and 2 are an o.k. way to think of these two orthographies.There seem to me to be enough different communities using the orthography that a private use subtag might not be sufficient.  That's the issue.  If they are not all on one or two networks, if people with dislexia and such are actually using these orthographeis, then perhaps a subtag is justified.  With books being translated into these orthographies, that seems to be a plus.  (But I confess I've perhaps not done enough online research into this . . .  Will try to at some point if needed)
reference could probably be added to 5, "reference to a published description . . . ". --C. E. Whiteheadcewcathar at

From: mario_periard at

I agree wtith your update of my registration request, You could mentioned also that the Ortograf standard is described at .> From: cewcathar at> To: ietf-languages at> Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2007 19:30:39 -0500> CC: > Subject: RE: Proposal for a subtag registration (fr-2004-ORTOGRAF or fr-ortograf ?) redone by CEW> > > > Hi, all, here it is again; sorry if someone's browser could not read my email (I'm going back and forth between text & formatting right now with my email because I have different things to do; sorry).> > --C. E. Whitehead> cewcathar at> > * *********************************************************** *> > Mario, all, > I just corrected Dr. Periard's subtag request form a bit.> > Will this satisfy most interested parties? > > Thanks. Hope it helps some.> > --C. E. Whitehead> cewcathar at> > > LANGUAGE SUBTAG REGISTRATION FORM > 1. Name of requester: Mario Périard > > 2. E-mail address of requester: mario_periard at > > 3. Record Requested: > > Type: > variant > > Subtag: > ortograf > > Description: > alternative (phonetic) French spelling, created Montreal, 2004. > > Prefix: fr > > Preferred-Value: > > Deprecated: > > Suppress-Script: > > Comments: > > 4. Intended meaning of the subtag: > Phoneticized orthography of French, created in Montreal, 2004. > > 5. Reference to published description of the language (book or article): > > 6. Any other relevant information: In 2004 researchers at the University of Montreal > ( ) > developed the 'ortograf alternativ' (alternate french spelling) > in order to increase literacy among people with intellectual or language disabilities > (dislexy, dysorthography, etc). > > Since then, this alternative orthography is spreading. > > Government bodies use it > (ex. City of Montreal -,3086502&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL )> as well as private firms > (ex. Sociétélogique - ). > > Today, there are also several groups (ex. - promoting this spelling > which currently are translating books, softwares, web sites, etc. in order to > make this new orthography accessible to more people. > > Ex. "Le peti prinse" the version of this book in this alternate orthography is available > (you can order or download it at > > A new variant subtag of the french (fr) is now necessary > to facilitate the process of localization in the new spelling. > > _______________________________________________> Ietf-languages mailing list> Ietf-languages at>

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