Proposal for a subtag registration (fr-2004-ORTOGRAF or fr-ortograf ?)

Mario Périard mario_periard at
Wed Dec 12 14:21:16 CET 2007

>Since then, this alternate spelling is spreading. Government bodies uses it >(ex. City of Montreal -,3086502&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL ) 
>as well as private firms (ex. Sociétélogique - ) >>Is that a complete list?
Is there any list of this kind? the web is an ocean in perpetual change. I come across the sites, maybe we could find more. How many is the rule?
> >In fact, M. Rougnon-Glasson seeks to distance his initiative from that of M. Périard: >"Le mouvement ORTOGRAF-alfograf ou ORTOGRAF-Franche-Comté 
>(pour le distinguer de ORTOGRAF-Québec)>propose un processus de réforme tout à fait différent de celui de Mario Périard >sur le site internet de la ville de Montréal."
I know personnaly Louis Rougnon-Glasson and we are in contact regularly. Our project and his project are not rival but complementary.Don't be shy to ask him. He is very kind. We agree about the phonetic part of the standard. suggest to write phoneticallywith the current and actual keyboard. Louis Rougnon-Glasson suggest a new characters to note sounds witch are currently represented by 2 or 3 letters. I agree on this point of view for the future.To keep things simple, our project can be seen as ortograf 1.0 and the Louis' project could be ortograf 2.0.
>The language tag "frm" unequivocally means "Middle French" as spoken in the period >roughly spanning from 1400 to 1600 CE. If that is the language in which the pages >are expressed, >then "frm" is the right tag. If the pages are in any other language, >including Modern French in any orthography, then "frm" is the wrong tag regardless >of how "official" it is. You may as well tag the pages "zh".
You are right.
>In fact, although I previously supported >'ortograf' as the most logical subtag value for >M. Périard's sytem, should it be registered, I >now see great potential for confusion between >the two "Ortograf" proposals and suggest that >'periard' would make a more suitable subtag value.
I would have been so vain to suggest a subtag with my name  ;-)ortograf or montreal2004 is enough for me.
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