Proposal for a subtag registration (fr-2004-ORTOGRAF or fr-ortograf ?)

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Tue Dec 11 19:04:44 CET 2007

M.Périard: ...You too, you can have these books freely:  
S.Bortzmeyer: I did not ask the original, I asked for the "ortograf" version. M.Périard: ...and a retranscripton "word to word" software is not rocket science... 
S.Bortzmeyer: Then, why is it not done yet?
The Transkripter software is not fine tuned yet, the production of our first book have allowed us to discover some bugs which will be fixed in 2008. We can reach a translation rate success of 96% of the text. It means we have to re-read the books to fix errors.
Since you are not aware of the details of the Ortograf standard, we could translate thousands of books with errors and put them online to boast a big presence. But it is not our way to make things.
For now, our group has published a book. The group DEFI of Université of Montréal tells they provides books in Ortograf alternative, I am not able to verify that. 
There are some web sites (even institutional and commercial) with Ortograf alternativ since 2004, I have already transmit URL of all these sites. 
Sorry but that is all I can give you for the time being, so you accept it or you reject it on this base. 
We will continue to provides more services to people who needs a support in Ortograf alternativ, with or without your help but to be honest it would be easier with your help.
Mario Périard
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