Proposal for a subtag registration (fr-2004-ORTOGRAF or fr-ortograf ?)

Peter Constable petercon at
Tue Dec 11 03:19:20 CET 2007

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> "It seems there is a deep misunderstanding of language tags here. "fr"
> *is* a subtag, like "ortograf" or "JP" or "Cyrl" or "scotland". There
> is no such thing as a "main code", in the language tag world. The
> first subtag (which is not "main") is the language code and only
> languages can have one, *not* orthographies."
> --- Those who use traditionnal spelling don't need a new variant subtag,
> they use the existing 'fr'

Well, if you get a new subtag, say "ortograf", then the *language* will be indicated by the language subtag "fr" and the written form will be indicated by the variant subtag "ortograf". Content tagged "fr" *could* be in any number of written forms -- that tag says nothing about written form -- but of course the vast majority of content so tagged would be in the common orthography based on Latin script.

>  "If so (but I doubt it), this software is seriously broken and this
> deserves a bug report. But, even if it is true, "fr" is the proper
> language code. Your site is *not* in "frm", it is in french (it would
> be in french even if written in the arabic script)."
> --- Play a little bit with Drupal 4.7 and call me back.

The decisions made in this list must not be driven by limitations in particular software implementations. Our business is not to provide workarounds for existing software. Our business is to provide tags that make sense in the context of exemplary implementations to meet legitimate needs of identifiable user communities.

Complaining that Drupal 4.7 doesn't do this or that is completely irrelevant.


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