Proposal for a subtag registration (fr-2004-ORTOGRAF)

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Tue Dec 11 01:18:15 CET 2007

Hi, allI think listing 50 items is a  wee bit excessive in terms of requirements for getting a subtag; the orthography does look strange at times, yes, but I still say if it's out there . . . . Best, C. E. Whiteheadcewcathar at> 
(But I do think scholarly languages, which will appear on the web, deserve subtags too--after all, it's nice to be able to search for a text in 17th century French or for a modern translation of it, etc. )
> At 16:21 -0500 2007-12-07, Mario Périard wrote:> > > 5. Reference to published description> > of the language (book or article):> > ex. "Le peti prinse" the version in > >alternate is available (you can order or > >download it at > ><>> > So far, I consider this a vanity orthography. > Please supply four more books or articles written > in the orthography, and not from samizdat > publishers.> > > 6. Any other relevant information:> >In 2004 researchers of the university of > >Montreal ( > > > >)> > This article is *in* standard French.> > >Since then, this alternate spelling is > >spreading. Government bodies uses it (ex. City > >of Montreal - > >,3086502&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL > >)> > Good gods. How on earth is someone with > "inkapasité intélêktuêl" supposed to parse "Vou > z'alé"? What is the z' supposed to refer to? > (That is me with my linguist's hat on criticizing > the orthography per se.)> > >as well as private firms (ex. Sociétélogique - > > > >)> > There are more pages here than at the previous site.> > >Today, there are also several groups (ex. > > - > >> > That is one group only. There is also > which is Scrabble in > Standard French.> > >promoting this spelling which currently are > >translating books, softwares, web sites, etc. in > >order ti give a more complete access to this new > >spelling standard.> > Please list 50 distinct items, be they books, websites, or software.> > >A new variant subtag of the french (fr) is now > >necessary to facilitate the process of > >localization in the new spelling> >> >Livres, DVDs, gadgets, musique et bien plus. > ><,ptnrid=176,ptnrdata=1761027&tcode=Noel>Magasinez > >en ligne dès aujourd'hui avec Sympatico / MSN > >Magasiner!> > This link has nothing in this orthography.> > I would like to see some more evidence that this is not a vanity orthography.> -- > Michael Everson *> _______________________________________________> Ietf-languages mailing list> Ietf-languages at>
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