50 books or Web pages

Frank Ellermann nobody at xyzzy.claranet.de
Sat Dec 8 23:32:53 CET 2007

Michael Everson wrote:

>> it's a case of a list member asking for more information.
> The Reviewer is a member of the list.

That's what I wrote.  "Reviewer" is the "hat on" business after
the review of a formal request.  So far we've seen a request for
2004-ortograf, that's no subtag. 

>> The *reviewer* can't invent new rules like "produce 50 web sites"
> Rule? It was a request, and one that I thought up even though no 
> other list member did.

That's why you posted the request as list member (hat off) and not
as some reviewer rule (hat on).
> Do you want me to sock-puppet?

No, I'm fine with personal opinions of ADs, Chairs, reviewers, etc.
as long as it's always clear when they switch to "hat on" business.

> I didn't say that if he didn't produce 50 his request would be
> rejected.

Because you said it as list member, yes.  Later you wrote that you
said it as reviewer, but that wasn't the case, the reviewer can't
make up such rules.

> This Reviewer isn't interested in the Registry becoming a site 
> for vanity orthographies. So I WILL be cautious about things 
> like this.

That's good.  For unclear reasons we often get into arguments
about issues where we actually agree.


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