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I think I agree.  However, I like Doug's idea  of en-Scotland, en-Wales etc.
as I think there would be less likelihood of mistagging Scots than with



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> Karen,
> > I don't think what I'm seeing referred to as Standard
> Scottish English
> > is what you're referencing below. I don't see it mentioned as a
> > "business dialect". Do you have a link where this is described?
> I didn't mean to suggest that Standard Scottish English is a
> business dialect - just that if you wanted to hear what could
> be described as "Standard Scottish English", a meeting of
> Scottish businessmen would be the kind of place to go to.
> There isn't any "standard" for Scottish English, of course.
> The term "Standard Scottish English" might be used by some
> people in a broad sense to mean "Scottish English" - English
> speech which might sound Scottish but isn't Scots.  But I
> think it would mostly be used in a narrow sense to mean the
> kind of speech which many educated well-off people in
> Scotland would gravitate towards.  They wouldn't gravitate
> towards English "Received Pronunciation" - If they did it
> would just cause amusement.
> Here are a couple of references taking the view that
> "Standard Scottish English" refers to the speech of educated
> well-to-do Scots:
> ningside-currie-audrey.shtml
> vinside-cameron-james.shtml
> Such a definition would exclude, I expect, most of the speech
> in the films you need to catalogue, so I think it is best to
> just say "Scottish English" rather than "Standard Scottish English".
> Caoimhín
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