New ISO 639 identifier: zbl = Blissymbols

Michael Everson everson at
Thu Aug 9 11:15:17 CEST 2007

At 00:02 -0700 2007-08-09, Doug Ewell wrote:
>Håvard Hjulstad <HHj at standard dot no> wrote:
>>The ISO 639 Registration Authorities' Joint 
>>Advisory Committee (JAC) has decided to approve 
>>the following item to be included in the ISO 
>>639-2 and the ISO 639-3 code tables:
>>Alpha-3 identifier: zbl
>>English names: Blissymbols; Blissymbolics; Bliss
>>This is an artificial language. It is a written 
>>language only; by its nature it has no spoken 
>Well, now.  Blissymbols is both a language (zbl) 
>and a script (Blis). zbl can only be written in 
>Blis, and Blis can only be used to write zbl. 
>This ought to be the easiest Suppress-Script 
>decision in the history of mankind.

Well, in the history of Suppress-Script anyway.
Michael Everson *

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