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C Eddie Whitehead cewcathar at
Mon Apr 2 19:25:57 CEST 2007

Thanks Dr./Mr. Shadoura:

Michael says he found "tarashk . . . " a lot online;
but it's up to the community of speakers;
I willing to hear their votes for a few days.
Either name is fine with me.
I'll take the one you all want.


--C. E. Whitehead
cewcathar at

"Andrew O.Shadoura" <bugzilla at> wrote: Monday, April 2, 2007, 00:46:15, Jaska wrote:

ME>> This is transliteration from Cyrillic, not dropping of diacritics
ME>> from Latin.
JZ> But for Belarusian it is much better to use the name in Belarusian
JZ> Latin script with diacritics (if codepage allows) or leaving them.

I agree with Jaska. "tarask" will be best choice when we cannot use

 -- WBR, Andrew O. Shadoura

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