Frank Ellermann nobody at
Fri Sep 1 18:28:06 CEST 2006

Mark Davis wrote:
> Just because subtags *designate* a particuarly entity,
> doesn't mean they have to be written "in" that entity.

Sure, and nobody said this.  My point in reply to Don was
that I'd prefer it if you use the same approach for both
variants.  That could be "western" and "eastern", but the
enthusiasm for such (apparently) generic tags is limited.

Or "arevemda" and "arevela" as proposed by Michael, but I
can't tell where he found "arevemda".  Trying to check it
I stumbled over two hits for "arevmda" (actually a typo 
in my Google query).  If the "western" community would
intuitively know what "arevemda" or "arevmda" mean that
could be better than your original proposal.

Really, I can't judge it.  My gut feeling was to look for
a better alternative, but "arevm'tian" isn't allowed.  If
that's the last word you're forced to stick to "western",
but maybe the "arev[e]mda" is also acceptable for you (?)


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