Alemanic & Swiss German

Mark Davis mark.davis at
Thu Nov 30 17:59:57 CET 2006

ISO 639-2 (on lists
the following:

gsw             Alemani; Swiss German      alémanique

However, there is a "c" missing from Alemanic, and Swiss German is not the
same as Alemanic: Swiss German is a type of Alemanic, but there are other
types that are not the same as Swiss German.

Quoting Martin Duerst:

"Yes, Swabian is clearly Alemanic. Alemanic and Swiss German are not
the same. There are very close similarities between some dialects in
the north of Switzerland and across the border in Germany, but as
soon as you cross the border, it's very clearly no longer Swiss
German. A label such as "Alemanic; Swiss German", assuming that
both are the same, is clearly wrong. If it's something like
"Alemanic; includes Swiss German", that would be okay."

Can this be corrected so that it does not continue to mislead people?

Mark Davis
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