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If Cyrillic is needed, that's simple: just add Cyrl.


On 11/29/06, Gerard Meijssen <gerardm at> wrote:
> Doug Ewell schreef:
> > Peter Constable <petercon at microsoft dot com> wrote:
> >
> >> As for Romanian vs. Moldavian, I've been inclined to deprecate one,
> >> but there is legacy usage that remains a reality (and since this
> >> isn't something that needs to be fixed prior to publication of 639-3,
> >> it's not a priority for me to get it changed).
> >
> > I assume you mean "deprecate one" in ISO 639-3, not in the IANA
> > Language Subtag Registry.  We are committed to following the ISO
> > standards except as necessary to ensure stability and avoid conflict.
> > Second-guessing the ISO RA's doesn't fall within that scope.  We might
> > add a Comments field to one or both language subtags indicating the
> > equivalence, but that's it.
> >
> > CE Whitehead <cewcathar at hotmail dot com> wrote:
> >
> >> Myself, I am all for more variant tags when they encode subtle
> >> dialectical differences, rather than more language tags--if two
> >> languages are mutually comprehensible then it makes little sense to
> >> have a new language tag where not existed if a variant subtag would do;
> >>
> >> if the variants were Romanian and Moldavian however I do not know
> >> what I would choose for the overall language tag.
> >
> > The ISO 639 code elements already exist, so the question of whether to
> > use language subtags or variant subtags to encode the difference (if
> > any) between Romanian and Moldavian is moot.  We follow the standards.
> >
> > If I personally were tagging content in these languages, I'd probably
> > use "ro" to mean "ro-Ro", and "mo" to mean "ro-MD", because I would
> > expect existing content to be tagged like that and I'd want the
> > searching/filtering process that find that content to find mine too.
> The problem with this approach is that in Transnistria, a part of
> Moldova that is an unrecognised independent republic, the Cyrillic
> script is used. During the conflict that resulted in Transnistria, the
> Moldovan government declared the use of Cyrillic script illegal the same
> happened for the Latin script in Transnistria. It is therefore not safe
> to use country codes to indicate Cyrillic content as Moldovan; Cyrillic
> is illegal in Moldova.
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>     Gerard
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