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Tue Nov 28 08:33:38 CET 2006

Gerard Meijssen <gerardm at wiktionaryz dot org> wrote:

> ISO-639-3 does provide much more and clearly needed granularity and is 
> not easily translated into the IANA language subtags. Given that the 
> ISO-639-3 will be soon official, I hope this will coincide with an 
> authorised list that maps these ISO codes to what the IETF wants us to 
> use.

As was stated before:

1.  ISO 639-3 is currently a Final Draft International Standard (FDIS), 
which means that it is NOT yet official.

2.  RFC 4646 is currently being revised to add subtags based on ISO 
639-3 code elements, but this cannot and will not be finalized until ISO 
639-3 is approved and becomes a true standard.

3.  Applications such as WiktionaryZ that use ISO 639-3 code elements 
before the standard is approved do so at their own risk.  Already there 
have been some changes since machine-readable files were first made 
available at the ISO 639-3 Web site.

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