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Wed Nov 22 15:32:52 CET 2006

Eric Muller <emuller at adobe dot com> wrote:

> Rather than fight about what a script is (Mark), or equivalently what 
> ISO 15924 is about (Ken), and since the world of language tags is 
> isolated of other standards via its registry anyway, why not just say 
> that the four-chars subtags are orthographies and be done with it? 
> That does not preclude to use (and reuse) the subtag "Latn" as a 
> convenient name for those situations where there is just one (or a 
> single dominant) orthography that uses the Latin script.

I'm not on board with this.  The words "han'gŭl" and "hangeul" are both 
ko-Latn, but the first is McCune-Reischauer while the second is Revised 
Romanization.  Both romanization systems are in common use, and both are 
legitimately tagged "ko-Latn".  We have no subtags as yet to distinguish 
the two (other than private-use), but besides that, the tag is correct: 
they are both Korean in Latin script.

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