Formal request for explanation of IANA delay

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Tue Mar 21 19:46:31 CET 2006

Note also that the provisioning of service (including service levels) is 
a continuing discussion between the IAD and the IANA.

Again, making sure your AD knows there is a problem is an important part 
of getting the problems fixed.

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>> An RFC can specify what IANA is supposed to do, give them 
>> their marching 
>> orders, but I don't think there's any recourse in case they 
>> don't follow 
>> them, or if they impose a significant delay.  In our case, 
>> the Reviewer 
>> could be replaced if he failed to do his job, but what could we do if 
>> IANA didn't update the registry?  Find someone else to host the "IANA 
>> Language Subtag Registry"?  We're kind of stuck.
> You're not stuck.  This is something your AD can help with.
> The IESG works with IANA all the time.  If someone asks the AD for help,
> they can then ask IANA for status and help them re-prioritize, if needed.
> Ted Hardie is your new area advisor.  He can help.
> -Scott-
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