Formal request for explanation of IANA delay

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Tue Mar 21 14:24:01 CET 2006

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> An RFC can specify what IANA is supposed to do, give them 
> their marching 
> orders, but I don't think there's any recourse in case they 
> don't follow 
> them, or if they impose a significant delay.  In our case, 
> the Reviewer 
> could be replaced if he failed to do his job, but what could we do if 
> IANA didn't update the registry?  Find someone else to host the "IANA 
> Language Subtag Registry"?  We're kind of stuck.

You're not stuck.  This is something your AD can help with.

The IESG works with IANA all the time.  If someone asks the AD for help,
they can then ask IANA for status and help them re-prioritize, if needed.

Ted Hardie is your new area advisor.  He can help.


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