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Sat Mar 11 20:30:52 CET 2006

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> Frank Ellermann <nobody at xyzzy dot claranet dot de> wrote:
> > Missing the opportunity to add a comment to "fy" that this
> > was formerly known as "Frisian"...  sigh, that's too late
> > now, sorry.  

It's not clear to me why Frank thinks it's too late to add a comment. Section 3.6 appears to state that comments can be added to existing registry entries at any time by means of the registration process:

Possibilities for registration of subtags or information about subtags include: 

- The addition or maintenance of fields (generally of an informational nature) in Tag or Subtag records as described in Section 3.1 (Format of the IANA Language Subtag Registry) and subject to the stability provisions in Section 3.4 (Stability of IANA Registry Entries). This includes descriptions; comments; deprecation and preferred values for obsolete or withdrawn codes; or the addition of script or extlang information to primary language subtags. 

> I hadn't thought of that.  Does anyone else agree that when a change in
> the Description field is made, based on a change in the corresponding
> ISO standard, it would be useful to add a Comments field indicating the
> previous name?  Would this help users?  Comments invited.

I think it is generally useful to add documentation that will assist users.

> This would, indeed, reintroduce the concept of a review period for
> ISO-based additions and changes, though only on that question -- the
> question of whether to add or change the subtag at all would still not
> be open.

I don't see why such things cannot be added after the fact -- the RFC seems to allow for that. I also think it would be within the reasonable limits of the Language Tag Reviewer's duties to exercise discretion and suggest comments to be included in the registry entry, allowing two weeks for comments.

Peter Constable

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