[Suppress-Script] Initial list of 300 languages

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Sat Mar 11 10:20:24 CET 2006

At 23:04 -0500 2006-03-10, John Cowan wrote:
>David Starner scripsit:
>  > I think I may have been overly assertive here. I know that the Bible
>  > in Cherokee is normally printed in Cher. I know that in Oklahoma, I've
>  > seen Cher used on t-shirts and license plates, but arguably
>>  decoratively. I know the North Carolina Cherokee use Cher primarily as
>>  decoration and that many can only read and write Cherokee in the Latin
>>  script; Cher is considered too hard to learn. I know that John
>>  Kilpatrick's scholarly works were published in Latin transcription
>>  (not transliteration.) I don't know what other books are published in,
>>  nor what the Cherokee Nation uses.
>Okay, looks like no Suppress-Script is appropriate: the different scripts
>are used in different domains. The motto of Suppress-Script is: 
>"When in doubt, don't."

What? This is rather odd. Cherokee is the default script for 
Cherokee. With respect, David Starner's hearsay that people write 
Cherokee in Latin is enough to give you doubt? That's not good 
enough, John. Not good enough at all.

I have a number of materials on and about Cherokee, and none of them 
suggests that ordinary Cherokee-language texts are conventionally 
written in Latin.
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