ISO 639-3/Linguasphere language subtags

Michael Everson everson at
Thu Mar 9 13:23:26 CET 2006

At 03:42 +0100 2006-03-09, Eduardo Mendez wrote:
>If I do not exist, why to ask me???

This is not an answer to my question, which was simple. Are you Mr Morfin?

>I see I was wrong to come here. I needed a simple solution. For an 
>urgent organisation decision.

I asked you to identify yourself, because I think you are a sock-puppet.

>I used it to know, if what Mr. Morfin says is true. I see it is. Here too.

Nothing Mr Morfin is true except for his desire to have the IETF 
Language list shut down.

>You do not want "en-EU"?

No, I do not.

>So this is a waste of time.

It is out of scope of this RFCbis, so it cannot be discussed.

>You have lost another list Member. Maybe you are "Jefsey Morfin"?

I did not make the suggestion that Mr Mendez is Mr Morfin. So I 
asked. But Mr Mendez' response does not make me believe that he is 
not Mr Morfin.

>2006/3/8, Michael Everson <<mailto:everson at>everson at>:
>A number of people have suggested that Eduardo Mendez is the same
>person as Jefsey Morfin. I would like Mr Mendez to indicate whether
>or not this is true.

Michael Everson *

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