ISO 639-3/Linguasphere language subtags

Eduardo Mendez eduamendez at
Thu Mar 9 03:42:43 CET 2006

If I do not exist, why to ask me???

I see I was wrong to come here.
I needed a simple solution.
For an urgent organisation decision.

I used it to know,
if what Mr. Morfin says is true.
I see it is. Here too.

You do not want "en-EU"?
So this is a waste of time.
You have lost another list Member.

Maybe you are "Jefsey Morfin"?

2006/3/8, Michael Everson <everson at>:
> A number of people have suggested that Eduardo Mendez is the same
> person as Jefsey Morfin. I would like Mr Mendez to indicate whether
> or not this is true.
> --
> Michael Everson *
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