Delay in registering new ISO-based subtags

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Sun Mar 5 14:03:56 CET 2006

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> Michael has already affirmed his willingness to perform the 
> review functions (as he has done for many years under 3066 
> and 1766) and has already delegated the administrative 
> functions to Harald (see 
> and its context).

There is nothing in the note above that names Harald as list moderator.  So,
I suggested that the delegation decision needs to be made explicit.  He
replied with this, which seems to contradict the note you cited:

> I fail to see that there is anything at all to settle, 
> despite intemperate remarks from various persons which are 
> better forgotten all round.

Michael and others have suggested that an approved RFC should be changed.
If the text remains unchanged the decision to delegate list moderation
duties should be documented explicitly.  That's what needs to be settled.


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