Delay in registering new ISO-based subtags

John Cowan cowan at
Sun Mar 5 08:37:11 CET 2006

Scott Hollenbeck scripsit:

> Once the IESG approves a document for publication as a BCP it is "in force".

Therefore we are in the RFC 3066bis era for purposes of registration.
However, people who use language tags in standards that refer to
"3066 or its successors" or "BCP 47" must still use RFC 3066 tags,
because BCP 47 is still RFC 3066.

> You must have missed the note I sent where I said that Ted and I would NOT
> be dealing with this issue on the 2nd because of the debate over the
> description of the reviewer's duties that's included in 3066bis.  I have
> asked the chairs of the LTRU list to determine what they want to do with
> that text.  They haven't confirmed anything; Ted and I haven't acted.  Once
> the reviewer's duties are confirmed the ADs will need to make sure that we
> have a reviewer in place who is willing to perform the review functions and
> possibly delegate the administrative functions.

Michael has already affirmed his willingness to perform the review functions
(as he has done for many years under 3066 and 1766) and has already delegated
the administrative functions to Harald (see
and its context).

> With IETF-65 looming, and IESG membership changing, it is unlikely that this
> will be settled before I leave the IESG.  Ted and Lisa will probably have to
> deal with this after the Dallas meeting and after we know what the working
> group wants to do with the document.

I fail to see that there is anything at all to settle, despite intemperate
remarks from various persons which are better forgotten all round.

> Michael Everson remains the reviewer until he resigns or the IESG appoints
> someone else to the role.  Neither has happened, so he is still the
> IESG-appointed reviewer.

Quite so.

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