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Doug Ewell dewell at
Fri Jun 23 19:59:35 CEST 2006

Joze Fabcic <joze dot fabcic at hermes dot si> wrote:

> My immediate aim is to create system which enables alternative English 
> to be used exclusively. The system has functions similar to any other 
> language typically used for software localizations. The system also 
> takes care of communicating with people using English written in 
> another orthography.

This sounds like an elaborate and ambitious experiment, similar to a 
person localizing an operating system or major tool into Klingon. 
Google provides "foreign language" interfaces in Mock Swedish ("bork, 
bork, bork"), Elmer Fudd-speak, Hacker-speak, and Pig Latin, as well as 
Latin-script Klingon.  This project reminds me of that.

> So, why do I need a registration of a language subtag? The second 
> artifact already involves language designation. I want to have a 
> language variant listed at 
> <>. If the 
> group doesn't want to cooperate, I can choose another, simpler, 
> program to start with. Without a language specification, a potential 
> for confusion is larger.

The OpenOffice list doesn't appear a likely place for this kind of 
innovation.  All of the tags on that list are strictly "language" or 
"language-region", including the widely abused "zh-CN" and "zh-TW" for 
Simplified and Traditional Chinese, and including a really odd pairing, 
"sh-YU" for Serbian Latin and "sr-CS" for Serbian Cyrillic.

Without at least a semblance of a base of users of Cut Spelling that 
would take advantage of this new software, this particular project seems 
more like an exercise in localization than a true language tagging need. 
I'm inclined to recommend "en-x-cutspell" as Addison has.

Doug Ewell
Fullerton, California, USA

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