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Håvard Hjulstad havard at
Sun Jun 11 22:57:26 CEST 2006

> Håvard Hjulstad wrote:
> > Rendering "nynorsk" and "bokmål" in English
> > as "New Norwegian" and "Book Language"
> > is quite simply incorrect.
> I did not suggest "rendering" "bokmål" as "book language".
> It still literally means "book language" (at least it did
> last I checked...), which is what I said. I did make some
> other suggestions, including the literal translation of 
> "nynorsk", but not that particular one on "bokmål".
>     /kent k
"Bok" means "book" and "mål" means "language", and "bokmål" does not mean
"book language" (whatever that might be).
"Cup" means "cup" and "board" means "board", and "cupboard" does not mean
"cup board".
And a thousand other examples.
That is how language is.


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