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Debbie Garside debbie at
Sun Jun 11 19:38:15 CEST 2006

Kent wrote:

> Doug Ewell wrote:
> > Type: language
> > Subtag: nb
> > Description: [RETAIN] Norwegian Bokmål
> > Description: [ADD] Norwegian Bokmal
> > Suppress-Script: Latn
> Pardon me, but I think that is silly. It would be better in 
> this case to actually translate the name to English: "Book 
> Norwegian". While doing that translate also the name for 
> "nn": "New Norwegian".
> There is no point in repeating the language name ("Norwegian"
> and "norsk") in the description of "nn". You can have as 
> *alternative* names "bokmål" and "nynorsk" respectively.

Given that the registry in the main reflects entities from underlying ISO
standards, I think all "known names"/alternative names should be included in
the registry as per the format in those standards; especially as the "known
names" will in the future be Unique Identifiers in conformity with ISO 11179
(as far as I am aware this is the case for both ISO 639-3 and ISO 639-6 -
definitely wrt to -6). Additional descriptions/alternative names can then be
added as necessary to deal with anomalies. 

Best regards

Debbie Garside

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