language subtag registration request: Region EU

Frank Ellermann nobody at
Mon Jan 16 12:46:59 CET 2006

Doug Ewell wrote:
> what is special is the frequency and rapidity "in terms of
> code assignment lifetimes" with which the EU changes its
> boundaries:
> The point is that you will be hard-pressed to find a
> sovereign nation that has existed for the past 54 years and
> has changed its boundaries so often and so significantly over
> that time frame, which is short in terms of archival storage
> of electronic data.

Yes, but I might be able to find historical periods of 54 years
where similar changes occured elsewhere in the world.  Debbie's
argument against the registration of EU IMHO missed the point:  

There's absolutely no chance to "fix" the new registry once
something slipped in that shouldn't be there.  That was an
intentional design pinciple to get a "stable forever" feature.

If the OP wants to use EU anyway for other purposes I "think"
it's good enough, but I couldn't guarantee this "forever".  If
what he really wants is some kind of "EU legalese" variant he
has another option, he can register a variant like "eulegal":

That could make sense from my POV, there are German terms like
'Subsidiaritaet' or 'Nachhaltigkeit' often used by "EUrocrats".
'Verfassung' (constitution) could be controversial "eulegal".

But I guess he wanted a way to get some guaranteed stability
for EU somewhere, not a pseudo-region shorthand for "eulegal".

                        Bye, Frank

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