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thanks Doug, that is basically it, although we don't require the EU English
to be different from countries that are not in the Union, but en-EU should
adequately represent English as used within the Union. 

Michael, of course my question was not directed at you personally.
Oxford is indeed authoritative.
But I am not sure it speaks for all parts of the current and future EU.

Anyway, we have beat this thing up enough. Maybe the proposer can shed some

Doug Ewell wrote:
> Michael Everson <everson at evertype dot com> wrote:
> >> It is not clear to me that the Oxford represents correct English in
> >> Eastern
> >> countries of the EU.
> >
> > Eastern countries of the EU? The Oxford Advanced
> > Learner's Dictionary of English had its own
> > Polish imprint before 1990.
> >
> > ISO uses Oxford. CEN uses Oxford. There is no
> > Académie Anglaise, Tex, What do you want from me?
> > Oxford is an authoritative dictionary, indeed,
> > probably the best authority. I answered your
> > question.
> I think what Tex wants is to point out that neither Oxford nor any other
> reference work provides an adequate definition of "English as used in
> the European Union" as distinct from "English as used in Europe," such
> that the former would exclude English as spoken in Iceland or Norway or
> Switzerland and the latter would include them.
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