additions to ISO 639 and the IANA language subtag registry

Mark Davis mark.davis at
Wed Feb 22 01:59:00 CET 2006

It was certainly the intent; that all must be added unless there is a 
conflict ( in which case a substitute needs to be found). And I think 
that is the clearest reading of the text. However, I agree that in the 
next version it should be clarified to remove all doubt.


Peter Constable wrote:
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>>>> Everything from the source standards has to be registered
>>>> if there is no conflict for the given type.
>>> Where exactly is this stated? *That* is precisely my
>>> question.
>> First paragraph of 3.3, the Language Subtag Reviewer MUST
>> - evaluate each change
>> - determine whether it conflicts with existing registry entries
>> - submit the information to IANA for inclusion in the registry
> I was guessing it amounted to this. To me, this doesn't clearly state
> that *all* must be added unless there's a conflict. We read it that way
> because we wrote it and we know what we meant; but I would be not at all
> surprised if someone who didn't contribute to writing this came away
> with a different interpretation.
> If anyone is taking notes for the next round (I'm not suggesting another
> draft for bis), I think this should be tightened up.
> Peter Constable
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