Sign languages (was: Re: additions to ISO 639 and the IANA language subtag registry)

Michael Everson everson at
Tue Feb 21 09:58:48 CET 2006

At 17:59 -0800 2006-02-20, Mark Davis wrote:
>I agree with Doug's comments. The use of "sgn-xxx" was never a 
>particularly way of tagging, since it implies that there is some 
>level of shared comprehension between "sgn-xxx" and "sgn-yyy".

Not if you simply note that "sgn-" does not imply a genetic relationship.

>  Much better would be "xxx-signed", etc.

This is only applicable to one class of signed language. And Signed 
English using BSI is a very different thing from Signed English using 

Do you all understand this distinction?
Michael Everson *

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