zxx (was: Language subtag modification request: frr Suppres-Script Latn)

Frank Ellermann nobody at xyzzy.claranet.de
Mon Feb 20 17:23:38 CET 2006

Marion Gunn wrote:

> I'd be even happier with "no discernible linguistic content",
> leaving our options open to shift texts from there into
> another category, if later 'discerned', but glad anyway to
> have that much of an accommodation, even as it stands.

Isn't hat covered by "und" ?  We're not supposed to change
the _description_ of the source, but if you care about it
you could request "zxx" (as MIA) adding a _comment_

You could also do this if it's already registered, so you
can do it anyway.  Just the procedural POV, I've no clue
about the linguistic POV, especially not for _this_ tag ;-)

                     Bye, Frank

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