Language Tag Reviewer

Brian E Carpenter brc at
Mon Feb 20 17:01:39 CET 2006

Ned Freed wrote:
>> It seems obvious to me that the language tag reviewer, like anyone
>> else in a position of responsibility, can delegate part of his
>> or her role, including this part.
> I, OTOH, don't see this as obvious at all. Nothing in any designated
> reviewer language I've ever seen says that after the IESG carefully
> chooses an appropriate reviewer said reviewer is entitled to hand off any
> of all of his duties to someone the IESG never considered or approved.

If we were talking about the reviewer qua reviewer, I would agree.
But this is an admin matter.

> Let's please look past the people currently in the roles. I suspect that 
> the
> IESG would not be happy if duties were delegated to someone the IESG felt
> wasn't up to the task.

That's possible. But I come from the school of management that says you
don't interfere in delegation choices.

> But even if this were as obviously OK as you seem to think, the question
> remains as to whether finding someone to modereate a list should be
> part of a reviewer's job. Again, let's look past the current situation
> where we already have a competent reviewer and list admin in place.

Sure, but since the approved draft says what it says, what do you want
to do?


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