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Michael Everson everson at
Mon Feb 20 16:48:51 CET 2006

At 05:58 -0500 2006-02-20, Scott Hollenbeck wrote:

>Sorry, but I don't think it's unreasonable to expect that an IESG-appointed
>expert should be paying attention to the ongoing work that describes the
>expert's role.

You may not think so, but the revision of this RFC has been such a 
horror and a nightmare and I told EVERYONE that I was not going to 
pay any attention to the revision until it was done.

This does NOT mean that it shouldn't have been obvious to people that 
if the language tag reviewer's role were being changed to add 
additional pointless administrative duties, that they might have 
mentioned it to the existing reviewer before springing it on him as 
you did.

(If you make me responsible for running the discussion list, I 
*promise* to summarily ban trouble-makers without attention to the 
arcane rules which have kept us forced to put up with known 
trouble-maker for over a year.)

>Note, too, that I did send a public request for you to get in touch on the
>ietf-languages list.  You didn't reply to that message.

No, Scott. I didn't. On 17 February when you sent that to the list, I 
was in the Union of Myanmar where POP3 access to my mail was illegal. 
I was working hard there on solutions the the problems they have been 
having with the Unicode encoding for their national script, as well 
as gathering data on about 70 characters needed to add to the Unicode 
Standard to support minority languages in that country. I am sorry 
that this was inconvenient for your telephone meeting. :-/
Michael Everson *

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