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Frank Ellermann nobody at
Sun Feb 19 17:52:54 CET 2006

Michael Everson wrote:

> Please outline the reasons why I should have to take on
> additional responsibilities. Who is it in IESG that is
> making decisions about this?

Actually the 3066bis draft is a product of the LTRU WG,
you can't hold Scott responsible for this detail.  Looking
through old articles trying to find more about this:

"We" (a TINW roughly reflecting LTRU) really designed the
rules with much sympathy for the subtag reviewer, avoiding
cases where (s)he'd be forced to decide things that are
better decided elsewhere (ISO and UN), but still with much
leeway for tasks more interesting than "translate new tags
in the sources to registry format", e.g. the variants.

You didn't participate in LTRU, therefore we were forced to
guess which authority and leeway future subtag reviewers
might need.  Example:

Six articles (June 2005) about list management in LTRU:

IIRC the IESG, Harald or you never stated any preferences
about this.  IMO you could delegate list moderation to a 
volunteer if that's how you wish it to be done.  And that
could be Harald if he agrees.  And it's not Scott's fault,
assuming that it's anybody's fault at all (IBTD).

                             Bye, Frank

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