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Sun Feb 19 16:03:09 CET 2006


I have been working in Thailand and in Myanmar and have not had good 
internet access.

What is this crap? I mean it. I have put up with all sorts of 
nonsense on the IETF languages list for YEARS, and I have repeatedly 
had to BEG people to take off-topic materials elsewhere. I have 
repeatedly made it clear that my interest in language-tag reviewing 
is limited to LANGUAGE-TAG REVIEWING. Who is now asking me to take an 
administrative role in running the discussion list?

Are you prepared to have me summarily ban people from the list when 
they Waste Our Time?

I didn't think so.

Please outline the reasons why I should have to take on additional 
responsibilities. Who is it in IESG that is making decisions about 
this? Do you people care a damn about the actual linguistic reasons 
we have language tags at all? Does it seem reasonable in ANY WAY to 
you that I should leap up with alacrity to take up administrative 
duties on this list, when this is the FIRST TIME I have ever heard of 

"Sorry to be a pest"? Do you people care about content at all? It 
doesn't appear so. You appear to care about your rules and your 
procedures more than the actual   matter at hand, which is linguistic 
entities and tags for them.

I am a busy man. I am an expert in my field and mostly I guess people 
are happy with the work I have done with RFC 1766 and RFC 3066. 
Harald Alvestrand is perfectly well capable of moderating his own 
list as he has done for lo these many years. I am perfectly well 
capable of reviewing language-tags. Why should I be saddled with 
additional responsibilities:? Will Harald be taking on reviewing 
duties as well?

If you want to sack me because I don't want more crap coming into my 
in-box, you are welcome to sack me. But I will not resign, and you 
will have to sack me under protest, and I will probably make a stink 
about it. This is the height of idiocy.

Note that I have taken your private e-mail and put it on the 
discussion forum, because this is a matter that ought to be discussed.

Michael Everson

At 07:45 -0500 2006-02-18, Scott Hollenbeck wrote:
>Sorry to be a pest, but there's some urgency to my request.  The IESG
>intends to take up this topic during our next telechat on 2 March.  If we
>don't hear from you before the deadline to add agenda items (that's Thursday
>23 February) we may have to consider other candidates.  Sooner would be
>better than later.
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>  > Subject: Language Tag Reviewer
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>>  Michael,
>>  The IESG needs to confirm a language tag reviewer as
>>  described in the new language tag registry document:
>>  Are you willing to continue in the language tag reviewer
>>  role?  Note that mailing list moderation is also included as
>>  one of the duties of the appointed reviewer.  I suspect that
>>  we can deal with that my adding you as a moderator so that
>>  both you and Harald can share the role.
>  > -Scott-

Michael Everson *

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