Language subtag modification request: frr Suppres-Script Latn

Frank Ellermann nobody at
Sun Feb 19 13:12:25 CET 2006

Michael Everson wrote:

> most of the discussion on this list is off topic unless I
> missed something.

Ignoring articles related to one poster where this might be
the case sometimes (putting it mildly) I don't recall many
OT threads here in the last months.

Maybe you missed the issue of el-Latn lost in the transition
to 3066bis.  You could decide to fix this together with IANA,
or to leave it as is (= lost), because it's redundant.  The
requester is obviously unhappy about ignoring the issue.

For the EU proposal you were forced to reject it.  Is it your
normal procedure here that anything that's not approved in
time is automatically rejected, or are explicit rejections
sent by private mail ?

In both cases, is anything wrong with Doug's collection of
new language tags ?  They were also announced here, example:

| Subject: ISO 639 - New item approved - "no linguistic content"
| Date:    Wed, 11 Jan 2006 11:19:17 +0100
| From:    Håvard Hjulstad <HHj at>
| The ISO 639 RA-JAC has approved the following:
| Alpha-3 identifier (ISO 639-2): zxx
| English designation: no linguistic content
| French designation: pas de contenu linguistique
| Best regards,
| Håvard Hjulstad
| (ISO 639 RA-JAC secretary)

As per 3066bis 3.3 you can translate this into a registration
template for "zxx", and forward it to IANA for addition to the
new subtag registry.

If you missed "zxx" somebody else may translate and request it
as specified in 3066bis 3.5, in both scenarios "zxx" has to be
added to the subtag registry.  If somebody like me thinks that
"zxx" is a bit obscure that doesn't enter the picture - in fact
it could be considered as "off topic" - "zxx" has to be added:

The question of language tags for "no linguistic content" is
important for some folks, there was a discussion about this
last week on the LTRU list.
                           Bye, Frank

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