Language subtag modification request: frr Suppres-Script Latn

Doug Ewell dewell at
Sun Feb 19 04:22:30 CET 2006

Michael Everson <everson at evertype dot com> wrote:

>> I strongly urge the Reviewer to approve and submit these subtags 
>> without further delay...
> What subtags? I have been away, and most of the discussion on this 
> list is off topic unless I missed something.

Six new primary language subtags corresponding to new ISO 639 code 
elements, plus one description change corresponding to a change in ISO 
639 (listed here alphabetically by subtag):

anp   Angika
frr   Northern Frisian
frs   Eastern Frisian
fy    Western Frisian (change in description only)
gsw   Swiss German; Alemanic
krl   Karelian
zxx   No linguistic content

I prepared a Web page describing these changes:

and announced it on December 9 (before 'zxx' was added):

and again on February 12:

According to RFC 3066bis, these new subtags are to be added to the 
registry automatically, with no debate, the only caveat being that they 
must not conflict with anything already existing in the registry.

Doug Ewell
Fullerton, California, USA

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