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JFC (Jefsey) Morfin jefsey at jefsey.com
Thu Feb 16 16:16:03 CET 2006

Dear all,
The IANA has now closed the Language Tag Registry. It has even 
prematurely open the Language Subtag and Extensions Registries. This 
de facto terminates the mission assumed by this list (I never found 
the IESG decision) and the role of the RFC 3066 Language Tag Reviewer 
appointed by the Application AD.

This mailing list is now purposeless, so I unsubscribe.

This mailing list has helped registering 72 langtags in 10 years and 
paved the way to RFC 3066 Bis. The RFC 3066 Bis text, most of us have 
painstakingly worked out at the WG-LTRU, was initiated here. It is 
now under IESG appeal. It may be next under IAB appeal. There may 
still be needs for further tunings before it is fully implemented. We 
all known that. This the Internet standard process and the IANA 
procedures, when everything cannot be decided at WG level. In any 
case, a BCP 47 will eventually become enforced.

At that time the IANA will create, publish and manage the 
ietf-languages at iana.org list. The IESG will appoint a Language Subtag 
Reviewer. People from all over the cultural and lingual world, but 
probably also from the networking, marketing and political areas will 
gather. This is due to the impact of the language tagging on text 
industries but also due to its use the emerging Internet economical 
model, multitier access, DRM, etc. and multilateral internet 
architecture. I will then join that new list, whatever the status 
decided by the IESG along the IAB decision I obtained.

I can only wish it success. For the world cultural, research and 
societal community I hope we will then be able to be inclusive and 
respectful of every person and of every culture. I hope we will 
genuinely strive to an equal language opportunity, as I proposed the 
IESG to declare it in RFC 3066 Bis. In cooperation with the other 
language code registries we may now publish as called by the WSIS.

I here I was hurt by some. But I also found new and strong friends.
I thank you all for your dedication. I learned from most of you.

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