ISO 639 language language name issue finalized: Kyrgyz; Kirghiz - Correction

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Tue Dec 19 06:34:39 CET 2006

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Håvard Hjulstad yazmış:
> *I am sorry that there was an error in the French name in the message I
> sent about one hour ago. The following is a corrected version:*
> Based on a change request the ISO 639 Joint Advisory Committee has
> decided the following: 
> /Identifiers:/ *ky* & *kir*
> /English names:/ *Kyrgyz; Kirghiz*
> /French name:/ *kirghiz*
> /Indigenous name:/ *kyrgyz tili* (i.e. *кыргыз тили*)
> The French name has been slightly modified, otherwise the item has not
> been changed. However, it has been published with different name forms
> on some sites. In addition, other name forms have been proposed; these
> have not been approved. 
> Best regards
> Håvard Hjulstad
> (secretary ISO 639 JAC) 
For what it's worse, even though I've not seen any suggested Latin
alphabets for future adoption, a possible future alphabet would spell
this natively as follows (I'm judging by most used Qazaq Latin alphabet,
and close cultural ties with Qazaqstan):
Qırğız tili

Of course that could always be added when the time comes...

My 2 cents.

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