Reshat Sabiq's requests for two Tatar orthographic variants

John Cowan cowan at
Tue Dec 12 19:43:46 CET 2006

CE Whitehead scripsit:

> Hi, the USSR does not use primarily a Latin Script but a variant of
> the Greek alphabet so I'm confused as to how Latin is redundant?

Because we don't want to say tt-Latn-ussrlatn, which gives us "Latin"
in two different ways.

> Some of the Greek and Old English characters are included of the Latin-1
> character set  (I guess Old English is more or less accommodated by
> Latin 1).

Less.  Latin-1 doesn't have macrons, which are usually used on OE
long vowels (though acutes are a crude substitute).

> So I do not know what the name should be.


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