Name changes in ISO 639-2

Doug Ewell dewell at
Mon Dec 11 08:37:27 CET 2006

While I was apparently not paying attention, a whole slew of name 
changes were posted on the official ISO 639-2 Web site.  All of these 
will likely require the new names to be added to the Registry as 
Description fields.  In some cases, existing names should probably be 
removed, particularly where the word "languages" was added to indicate a 
collection code.

Comments are solicited on exactly what to do about each of these.

In the order they appear on the ISO 639-2 change page:

Code element: gsw
Was: Swiss German; Alemanic
Now: Swiss German; Alemanic

Code element: bin
Was: Bini
Now: Bini; Edo

Code element: car
Was: Carib
Now: Galibi Carib

Code element: bad
Was: Banda
Now: Banda languages

Code element: btk
Was: Batak (Indonesia)
Now: Batak languages

Code element: day
Was: Dayak
Now: Land Dayak languages

Code element: ijo
Was: Ijo
Now: Ijo languages

Code element: kar
Was: Karen
Now: Karen languages

Code element: kro
Was: Kru
Now: Kru languages

Code element: nah
Was: Nahuatl
Now: Nahuatl languages

Code element: son
Was: Songhai
Now: Songhai languages

Code element: znd
Was: Zande
Now: Zande languages

Code element: kac
Was: Kachin
Now: Kachin; Jingpho

Code element: km
Was: Khmer
Now: Central Khmer

Code element: arn
Was: Araucanian
Now: Mapudungun; Mapuche

Code element: rm
Was: Raeto-Romance
Now: Romansch

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