Alemanic & Swiss German

John Cowan cowan at
Wed Dec 6 15:21:46 CET 2006

David Starner scripsit:

> However, were we to be concerned, RFC 4646 gives us the option of
> labeling the Mutsun text as as nai-x-mutsun, or applying to make
> nai-mutsun legal, which I'm sure Everson would approve in a couple days.

We would strongly discourage either of those, and ask you to wait
for 4646bis and the tag "css" for Southern Ohlone, of which Mutsun
is a dialect.  (You could, of course, go ahead and use it unofficially;
a standard, like a drink, affects you only if you accept it.)

As for Quiché, which seems to be spelled "K'iche'" these days,
there are six languages containing that term in 639-3.
It's a question which one you have.

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