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Mark Davis mark.davis at icu-project.org
Mon Dec 4 01:46:33 CET 2006

Sorry, the example I chose was confusing. Let me try again.

Defining "Swiss German" or "Schwyzerdütsch"* with

gsw                       Alemanic

in 639-3 (and one of two descriptions in 639-2), is like defining "dog" with

dog                        Canidae

when Canidae also includes wolves, foxes, coyotes, and jackals, not just


*That appears to be the most common spelling on the web, though I learned it
as Schwyzertüütsch when I lived there.

On 12/3/06, Frank Ellermann <nobody at xyzzy.claranet.de> wrote:
> Mark Davis wrote:
> > Retaining the word "Alemanic" in the scope of "gsw" is a
> > bit like intending to produce a code for "bloodhound" but
> > later saying that the code covers any "dog".
> The German word "Hund" means "dog", the situation here is
> apparently the opposite of an English description "hound"
> talking about "Hund".  Registry users familiar with the
> situation will get it right.  Maybe propose a comment if
> you feel that the "gsw" record is too fuzzy.
> Frank
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