Languages and Scripts

Frank Ellermann nobody at
Thu Aug 31 05:55:20 CEST 2006

Mark Davis wrote:


Hard to read with a browser window at about 800px. Apparently
it offers Latn for Tatar (?).

Here it's clearly Cyrl for Tatar.


Google says: "We're sorry.  It looks like you don't have access
to this spreadsheet."

Same problem, please put it into a decent US-ASCII plain text
file.  Or a XHTML table designed to work with Lynx.  For Tatar
you might need Latn (unofficial), Cyrl (official), and Arab
(historic, before 192x).  No Suppress-Script.

> languages from (B) that we don't have the codes for.

Is that about the future 639-3 language codes ?  When a draft
for the 3066ter registry exists you could simply copy missing
codes, but that might change until "date C", so maybe it's not
what you need. says Cyrl for
Tatar. apparently your CLDR list is more up to date.  For the
Latin languages the letter database list is based on Harald's
draft published 1995 (mentioning Tatar as Cyrl), and there he
wrote that this info was based on languages covered by 10646 -
maybe going back to the same source as languages-scripts.html ?


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