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Wed Aug 30 02:01:33 CEST 2006

What you are missing is that if we provide a prefix (as I requested), then
the combinations


and so on is valid, but other combinations with non-prefixes such as


and so on are not valid.

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> >I understand Michael's concern about generic subtags: there's a long
> >list of possibilities, we might be able to combine those with any
> >number of languages, and it could be somewhat confusing. (Would we
> >want a tag for the western variant of Eastern Frisian?) But one
> >thing Michael might be missing is that Mark's request specifies "hy"
> >as a specific prefix for use with this subtag: the generic tags
> >would have limitations on how it should be used.
> I think a great many entities identified in 639-3 are identified by
> Eastern/Western/Northern/Southern. What happens to them if Mark's
> proposal is accepted?
> Are both Armenians "hye" to SIL?
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