Request for variant subtag "scouse"

Addison Phillips addison at
Tue Aug 29 21:01:32 CEST 2006

Some notes:

1. ISO 639-3 doesn't currently list this dialect, so I don't see a 
problem with registering it. This is what variants are for.

2. Suppress-Script must NOT be included in the registered record. That 
field only occurs on primary language subtags (as it already does for 
"en", so it is redundant anyway).


John Cowan wrote:
> 1. Name of requester:  John Cowan
> 2. E-mail address of requester:  cowan at
> 3. Record Requested:
>    Type: variant
>    Subtag: scouse
>    Description: Scouse
>    Prefix: en
>    Suppress-Script: Latn
>    Comments: English Liverpudlian dialect known as 'Scouse'
> 4. Intended meaning of the subtag: The Scouse dialect of English
> 5. Reference to published description
>    of the language (book or article):
> Shaw, Frank, Spiegl, Fritz, and Kelly, Stan. Lern Yerself Scouse
> Volume 1: How to Talk Proper in Liverpool. Liverpool, UK: Scouse Press,
> 1966-1996.
> Lane, Linacre. Lern Yerself Scouse Volume 2: The ABZ of
> Scouse. Liverpool, UK: Scouse Press, 1966-1996.
> Minard, Brian. Lern Yerself Scouse Volume 3: Wersia Sensa Yuma?
> Liverpool, UK: Scouse Press, 1966-1996.
> Unknown. Lern Yerself Scouse Volume 4: The Language of Laura Norder.
> Liverpool, UK: Scouse Press, 1966-1996.
> Szlamp. Oxford English Dictionary (Online Abstract): The definition of the
> word 'Scouser', 'Scouser' Liverpool, UK:,
> 1996-Present (via Active Update).
> 6. Any other relevant information:
> Registration of this variant will cause the existing grandfathered
> tag "en-scouse" to be changed to a redundant tag.

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