Registration of el-Latn language tag

Frank Ellermann nobody at
Thu Sep 29 06:44:10 CEST 2005

Mark Davis wrote:

> Under 3066bis it will be much clearer what is and
> isn't valid.

Yes - actually the detail I was most interested in.

> (These were all valid 3166 codes at some point.)

For most I see or know it, but there are also a few
codes in your list I've never before heard of.

>>> haw-CT: Hawaiian(Canton and Enderbury Islands),

That's an example, IIRC it's in the world facts book.

>>> haw-FX: Hawaiian(Metropolitan France),

Here I'd guess that it was never valid.

>>> haw-QO: Hawaiian(Outlying Oceania),

That's news for me (like PU, but PU is plausible as
one of several UM predecessors).  For QO I've no clue
what it could be today.
                         Bye, Frank

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