Registration of el-Latn language tag

John.Cowan jcowan at
Wed Sep 28 16:15:22 CEST 2005

Harald Tveit Alvestrand scripsit:

> >Is there a most likely, or most expected scenario if one requests or
> >receives el-Latn?
> >If I wanted to select a spell checker or othography, what would I look
> >for?
> that kind of question is why I don't like generative tags.... at the 
> moment, I think we should bow to the consensus of the community and say 
> "it's Greek, and the script is Latin; for all other properties - guess".

This is really no worse than that of any language that lacks a fully
standardized orthography.  Navajo has plenty of documents, enough to justify
an ISO 639-1 code, but the various mixtures of English-based transcription
and the Americanist variant of IPA used in writing it would make the way of a
computerized spelling checker hard indeed.  Now there is a standard orthography,
but it is probably not yet the majority orthography.

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Rather than making ill-conceived suggestions for improvement based on
uninformed guesses about established conventions in a field of study with
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