[Ltru] Tagging of silent films

Marion Gunn mgunn at egt.ie
Wed Sep 28 11:20:05 CEST 2005

Fine, Randy. Posting it there.

Scríobh Randy Presuhn:
> ... discussion of the advisability of registering a
> particular tag for a particular purpose does not belong on
> the ltru at ietf.org mailing list.  It would be much more
> appropriate on ietf-languages at iana.org...

Scríobh "John.Cowan":
> The 'und' tag does not mean "no linguistic content" or anything like it.
> It means quite specifically "I have no clue".

No, John - more properly, it generally means 'there are clues a-plenty,
but you/the machine cannot determine, on the basis of its current
knowhow, the language(s) to which those clues are pointers'. 

As I have pointed out on lists before this, basing the tag 'und' on the
English word 'undetermined' has already caused no end of difficulties of
understanding and requires to be explained again and again. 

Personally, I'd be all for deprecating the tag 'und' and replacing it
with 'xxx' (a shorthand combination widely recognised across this planet
as indicating 'unknown/blank/yet to be filled in').


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